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New Spreader and Sprayer Equipment and Parts

We have several manufacturers that we represent. They are Agricraft, Barron & Brothers, Diversified Fabricators, Aerway, and Dirt Dog.  These lines give us representation from chicken litter spreaders, fertilizer and lime spreaders, conveyors and side dump bulk haulers.

Here are some examples of our most popular models:  


DFI 1250 gallon truck applicator

DFI 10 foot Pull Spreader

DFI 500 gallon Pull Type Applicator

BBI MagnaSpread Series Truck

IN STOCK ITEMS:   Updated: 01/29/2024  
  If you're in the market for new fertilizer spreader and sprayer equipment C & C Equipment Sales offers an excellent selection of equipment to get the job done - at the right price.   (click photo to enlarge)  

Bush-Whacker HD96P, 8ft. Pull Type Rotary Mower, 120 Hp Gear Boxes, Dual Tail Wheels, Chain Guards, 540 PTO.



Salford/BBI 20ft. Litter Spreader, 34” Bar Chain, 88K, EOL, 9-Ton Torsion Suspension, 21.5 x 16.1 R3 Tires, Ladder, Sight Window.



Salford BBI HDR 10ft. Stainless Steel, 20” Bed Chain, Hydraulic Drive, Rate Control Ready, 440/80R28 Tires.



Bush-Whacker HD 84, 7ft. Rotary Mower, 120Hp Gear Box, Slip Clutch, Chain Guards, 10Ga. Deck, Quick Hitch.



Bush-Whacker HD72, 6ft. Rotary Mower, 120Hp Gear Box, Slip Clutch, Chain Guards, Quick Hitch, 10ga. Deck.



Bush-Whacker HD 60, 5ft. Rotary Mower, 120Hp Gear Box, Slip Clutch, Chain Guards, Quick Hitch.


    Dirt Dog SPF48 Skid Steer Pallet Forks.

    Dirt Dog 3-pt BS Hay Spear, Cat. 1 & 2.

    Dirt Dog BSD Hay Fork. Double Spears.

    Dirt Dog BSS Skid Steer Hay Fork. Single Large Spear.


Dirt Dog Pallet Forks, Model AFPF 42”, 2200 # capacity.


    Dirt Dog 5 ft. Rotary Mower, 60 hp gear box, shear pin, 540 pto.


Bush Whacker MD 144, 12ft. Flex-Wing Mower, 10ga. Deck, 120 HP Gear Boxes, Skirt Chains, 540 PTO.


    Bush-Whacker MD 180, 15ft. Flex-Wing, 120 HP Gear Boxes, 10 ga. Deck, Skirt Chains, 540 PTO.



Bush-Whacker HD 84, 7ft. Single Spindle Mower, 120HP Gear Box, Slip Clutch, 540 PTO.




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